Monday, 29 October 2007

Breakfast, Books, Beer and Bourne...

It was quite sometime… seriously quite sometime when I wanted to go out with dada bhabhi for breakfast. Finally we agreed for a Sunday morning to Koshy’s. Eventually we dragged till lunch time and had an amazing time.

I was late, as usual to pick up Nup. Dada had called and told me that they would be there by 0930 hrs. By the time I reached Koshy’s was full and we were contemplating whether to go to KC Das or Indian Coffee House. Tantu was as happy as he could be.

We took our upper floor seat at the Indian Coffee House. Tantu had his breakfast first… the only difference being the ambience; his food was the same he has daily, packed from home. Bhabhi had to do her runaround with Tantu’s breakfast till he settled for the window seat and watched the cars go by down on MG Road. Had he been an year older, I’d have no doubts that he was checking on the babes on the street.

Once done with Tantu we ordered for our food. Though it arrived a bit late but I was ready… scrambled eggs, coffee, vegetable chop, mmmm…. I just loved it there. Dada wanted me to click a few pics while bhabhi had her plate full… dada always teased bhabhi. :-)

After breakfast we thought of paying a visit to Blossoms book store on Church Street. That’s one place where I feel so much at home. So many books… I was on a collection spree for Ken Follet’s novels than and ended up buying “Eye of the needle” from there. Bhabhi found a novel that she had once read completely but the last couple of pages. Nupur like me was collecting John Grisham novels. Dada bought the entire Bourne series. Latest I had heard was that dada is yet to start reading them :-) One thing common for all of us there was that we loved books. Nupur even bought a few books for her sister…consulted over the phone.

We were enjoying the morning sun… late morning sun to be precise… and it was getting warmer. We had our bikes parked a little further and while returning from Blossoms, we crossed the “Beer Cafe”. Dada complained about the heat… I took cue from him and echoed his views. We looked at each other… and turned back. Bhabhi and Nup took sometime to realize… we continue to complain about the heat and entered the beer cafe. :-) We got a nice place to ourselves. The street was not crowded then. We had a pitcher of beer while bhabhi and Nup settled for a mock-tail. Tantu savored all the drinks, though
he seemed to prefer the golden drink [beer] more than anything... bhabhi may differ but we know what’s in his heart. Drought beer is much better than bottled beer. Tantu freaked out in the open space… made friends with a couple of waiters. He even seemed to be instructing them about something. We talked about books… about dada’s new house and how he’d make me call the owner of the house to bring down the price and how each time he’d break my dream of buying a house. It’s a different story altogether. I teased dada a lot about that. God willing they’ve bought a house now. After having a nice time we set for Nupur’s sister’s place while dada bhabhi went home.

At didi’s place we had excellent rajma. I loved the way she cooked it. Jiju found it a bit strange on the idea of having beer in the morning… but we’re after-all guzzlers… beer guzzlers… time’s immaterial. Didi flicked through the books that Nup got…another round of good books for her. I guess Jiju would ban us from visiting their place because we’re keeping didi busy with a continuous supply of books :-). After lunch it was time for a movie… and that too a Bourne one…“The Bourne Supremacy”. We lazily watched the movie. Jiju had to give us a background of the protagonist and how he landed up where he was; a good movie…like all Bourne movies.

That was how I had my 7th October spent. Breakfast, books, beer and Bourne movie. What a combination… just remarkable.