Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Our New Tenant

Mr. and Mrs. Ramalingam have lived a major part of their married life in a lot of cities in India –thanks to Mr. Rama’s job. But despite the influence of multiple cultures Mrs. Rama has kept her orthodox ways still alive. Mr. Rama on the other hand had no such preferences but to avoid any conflict of interest agreed to Mrs. Rama –always.

After having traversed the length and breadth of the country they settled down in the erstwhile garden city known as Bangalore. With the upsurge in IT which brought more people into the city a lot of residents saw an opportunity in earning additional income from a rental property. The Ramas’ were not to be left behind and had joined the bandwagon to construct the first floor of their tenement. Not a single house in the entire colony was single floored. But as luck had it, Mr. Rama never had their first floor occupied for more than three months by a tenant. Some or the other issue would come –a few within their capability but most of them out of their control- and the first floor would have the “To-Let” sign board hanging out more often than not. Moreover it would not have been this bad a feeling had at-least one family in the colony been in the same situation but alas, all the other houses had a rich tenant occupancy history. With old age and nothing else more demanding the Ramas’ took this as a personal challenge and told themselves that the next person inquiring about the house would not be leaving without signing the Rental Agreement.