Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Future of the past

Recently I watched this Bangla movie –Bhoot’r bhobishwat which literary means –the future of the past. So I derive the title of my post from this hilarious Bangla movie which touches upon a very critical subject in our ever progressive outlook towards life –what is the future of our past?
I have been very conventional, conservative and old fashioned in the way I lead my life… rather I try to be. Basically I try to balance between being conventional and at the same time being environmentally responsible. Though these are not always inversely related, however for this topic at hand today, they are. Read along.

Unlike me, my better half has been pretty pro-technology. She got her Samsung S2 preordered. She uses it not only for making phone calls but also as a makeshift camera, music player and restaurant review finder along with a host of other online activities. So when some 3-4 months back she expressed her desire for an Amazon Kindle, I was cautious and treated every discussion on this thread with utmost care.