Monday, 13 July 2015

The wishing tree

Taking a nap right after a heavy lunch is never a good idea. But if you’ve been awake till 4 AM the previous night, taking a nap is more of a necessity than an excuse. Whatever be the case, I felt a need to take a short walk around a nearby lake just to feel a little lighter. The wife is always ready and so we set out for a short and comfortable walk in the evening.

We’ve been on this trail umpteen number of times where a couple of wishing trees fall on our path. A few months back blank paper notes and a pen was kept in a box near the trees and we’d see people writing down their little wishes and tying them to the branches. Today we thought of reading a few of them.

-I wish for a day when my parents can buy me toys
-I wish to become a famous singer
-I wish for a good job for my husband
-I wish for an American green card and a beautiful home
-I wish for a pup
-I wish to come out as bisexual
-I wish he asks me out

Our world and its people are so beautiful. We did not wish for anything negative. We did not wish for someone to be hurt or to hurt someone. We did not wish for someone to undergo pain or loss. So from where did this wrong feeling come in us? Why are there people who are hurt? Why people undergo pain? Maybe because we are all lost. Maybe because we have lost our true purpose in life and that is to love and be happy. To be free. I hope to see that world, before I die. Maybe?

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Niharika Dergasi said...

Amen!! Most of us hope to see that world where happiness takes over all pain.